Your Dreams

We all have a dream. We all have a fantasy where, when everything goes perfectly, is the epitomized life we want to live. It's okay to have these almost impossible goals of becoming a movie star. And to all the naysayers who claim that you can do anything, as long as you try hard, they're sadly mistaken. Not everyone gets what they want, nobody how hard they might work or how badly they want it. If dreams were that easily reached, they wouldn't exactly exactly be considered ethereal and implausible. It's easiest to listen to cliches and to believe in them. Only then does listening become our strongest motivator, for the slightest of seconds, before reality sets in. Desires are a natural design of human nature. Humans crave for more, for something that satisfies them. Satisfaction, on this plain, largely depends on the individual. Living in a hotel might satisfy the wants of one person, but simply having a dollar to spend everyday might be all another person wants. In the largest stroke of luck do dreams come true. You see, though you need skills for many things, it's luck that vaults you into the hierarchy of your goal. People need luck to overcome stereotypes. Hundreds of cliffs block paths to success, but with the correct scenario, anything's possible. Hoping everything comes together is the hardest part. When they don't, which is the case for 99% of people, we blame the effort. We say that we didn't try hard enough or that the person testing you was terrible. Some of us even go as far to blame some sort of divine being that barred us from achieving what we wanted. In the end, all of it is relevant in our failures. Perhaps our body wasn't 100%. The person who judged your skills in the football tryouts had a bias for people he knew.

It's all part the universe's elaborate plan to keep us running like mice. We've become too entranced in believing we can do something. Believe me - we can - but having the luck for every aspect to come together is a feat no one can achieve, regardless of effort and skill. So what are your dreams? Perhaps they've been recognized already. They probably haven't. In this instance, the only thing we can do is to keep on dreaming.

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