Why do I write?

I'm not quite sure why I write. Sometimes, I feel as if I do it in order to relieve some kind of emotional distress. At other times, I write out of a furious detonation of my mind, where writing has become one of the last sources of haven available to me on Earth. But that's really all beyond me. I don't really think about why I write, and if I did continuously, I doubt it'd get me anywhere. For me, it's been a huge battle between passion and success; unfortunately, the two don't always go together. I hope to vie for a career in writing, whether it'd be journalism, teaching, or editing. But such a path comes with roadblocks all too typical. Attempting to find a decent job, let alone make a decent salary, is a challenging prospect that terrifies me to a certain degree. I want to be living the American dream, no matter how fleeting it may be in the current economic downturn. However, the idea of pursuing my dreams, only to be  disappointed, has had me pondering a change in majors and completely overhauls in ideology. I've thought about investments and even opening up a small business. Yet, I'm still here, typing away on an invention that, though widely successful, was not made by someone who loved writing.

Which leads me to here. In the pursuit of my goal, I decided that starting a blog, at least one that I'll be constantly updating and maintaining, is perhaps my starting point. I might have a few thousand hits per day in a year or a measly twenty. I don't know how things will turn out, and I guess that's what keeps it exciting. In the end, I'm still writing this post up right? I guess that means I haven't given up on my dreams just yet.

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