The Perfect Government

Politics, to me, should be easy. When I hear of  government corruption on the news, I'm unusually unsurprised, instead attributing it to everyone who works in any capacity as a politician. Still, I figured a perfect government system shouldn't be too hard to devise. If a supreme leader had all the power in a nation, assuming he's righteous and just, it shouldn't be too hard to ensure a fair society. When motivating factors such as money, power, and status are completely ignored, then the basis of a community bonds over the rudimentary aspects of humanity.  I started wondering about this phenomenon, where there's enough resources in the world for everyone to survive and be happy but none of it happens. We revere the economics of capitalism, when in reality it creates the fundamental grounds of corruption. No leader was or will be great enough to lead a nation in complete justice. Yet, there is someone who does fit the mold for all this: Jesus.

The supreme being of the world, holy and just above all things. If there is one person who could create a just and fair society, it would be Jesus. There is no comparison in human standards, whether it be to his love or righteousness. The mere assumption that everyone makes about human imperfection should be enough for us to look elsewhere for a leader. No one denies flaws; we all have them, one way or another.

Maybe the best part is that Jesus is here for us in that manner. He serves not only as a leader, but as a father. If our hope for politicians is that they'll somehow look after the common people, how much greater would the God of the universe do in his job? He is unswayed by the next million dollar idea, unfazed by the biggest house on the block. He holds a promise of victory, of eternal life after death, and no one else has ever made such bold claims.

And it's not as if he doesn't want to any of this. As a matter of fact, it was the Israelites themselves who asked Samuel for a human leader when they were unhappy with someone they couldn't physically see. That's not to knock on positions of leaderships around the world, but if the head of our lives isn't God, then we cannot expect anything close to perfection.

There is not one thing we need to do for any of this. Everything God offers is free, in salvation and acceptance of his being. When the time comes of His return, justice will be one of many things be brings onto this earth. Only then will we see how fruitless it is to put the crutches of our lives into human hands.

All of this brings me assurance. I have little to no faith in any of the governments of this world but that's okay. I wouldn't be any better as president and there is nothing wrong with that because there's already someone who is and always will be the perfect governor of all things.




Love in Sand, Pine, Snow

Love in Sand, Pine, Snow