The idiocy of "finals week"

Finals, the term generated as a means of putting emphasis on an exam, have been the bane of any student's life. The word "finals" has become universally accepted, most importantly by colleges and other educational facilities, giving it credibility. Their purpose exists to challenge students and their knowledge of the material, whether cumulative or not. The result is an entire week dedicated to these ridiculous exams, often touted as  "vital" and "necessary." Insane amounts of cramming goes into these tests and stress often peaks during the last few weeks of the semester. Unfortunately, it's not truly the idea that presents itself as erroneous and superfluous. The ideology behind final exams are well-documented and reasonable: students should be tested on what they've learned throughout the school year. It's logical that exams provide a simple way of testing a student's intellect, though it may not be the best method. The true crime comes in the coining of these exams. Finals week is more or less a legitimized word in the American dictionary. Colleges, food companies, and test prep institutions have all embraced the idea behind exams that can determine a student's entire life. The amount of cementing this allows a word like "finals" is unacceptable. It provides an obvious aura of stress amongst one another due to their importance. The claim that awareness for exams is positive  is dishearteningly incorrect. Had professors truly want to measure the amount a student has learned, finals should be regular exams, not stressed as more important and crucial than any other test. The reasoning is actually quite simple. Students who normally do not study for exams, and therefore might be borderline failing, will put tons of effort into studying for finals. Typical ways of thinking assumes that this provides a positive benefit, giving the student motivation to do well. However, this increases competition for others and for people who have not been slacking. Though Student A might not receive as high of a grade as Student B, there's a inflation in the class average. People who deserve to fail courses are often saved by intense studying for a final worth 50% of the entire grade; there should be no way a single exam is worth half of a person's grade if they had been failing for the past three or four months. The presenting of final exams is poor and needs revision. Instead, offering finals as regular exams, all worth the same amount of points, is a better way of going about exams during the final week of the semester. There's a strong necessity to weed out people who hardly care about higher education, and with such a high emphasis on education in contemporary society, this is a very good method of doing so. The result is a group of graduates who actually earned their degrees. Beside that, too much marketing goes into finals week. The myriad of advertisements and pressure put into students by companies is overwhelming and unnecessary.

Just you know.. coming from an English major who only had one legit final exam.

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