Separation between... men and women?

I don't believe in plenty of things. I disagree with the antics of political motives and even studying too hard. But the one thing that irks me the most is this idea of a gender barrier, specifically in the context of, for a lack of a better word, Church. Christians often suffer from the stereotype of "innocence." It's not necessarily a bad assumption; I certainly don't mind being recognized as someone who wouldn't smoke marijuana. When people associate relationships with Christians, one of the first things that pop into people's minds is an image of sexual purity. Again, it's not wrong to assume so, as I would more so expect my Christian friends to be virgins than my other friends. I don't mean to claim that Christians should conform to secular people. The problem, more or less, revolves around the assumptions Christians have of each other. Because other people buy into the idea that Christians keep sexually clean, it gives us the green light to fill the assumption. Of course anyone could go on about what the Bible says but the general result of such an assumption is obvious: there's a disparaging gender barrier between Christians of all types.  While I do not agree with the actions of Non-Christians, especially in the now popular days of "raves" and other types of parties, the basic philosophy behind their belief in a relationship between males and females make much more sense.  The rudimentary idea is this: it's okay for a man and woman to become close friends and even a couple; as a matter of fact, it's encouraged, as it should be. When the former idea is put alongside Christian ideals, it's still perfectly fine, with a few exceptions here and there. But let's admit it. There's always an aura of uncertainty between most relationships, and I don't mean a girlfriend/boyfriend one, between Christian females and males. . Perhaps the most common fear is judgment by elders and, on a lesser note, peers. Questions constantly arise on issues like chastity and goals. These are good things to keep in mind, as it follows Christian doctrines and some of the core concepts of The Bible. But what is the result of all this? It ends up becoming an extremely disheartening and watered-down version of what a friendship could be between two people of the opposite sex. Nothing out of a friendship has to turn into something more but the terrifying reality that people are judging, based on what they see, is always present. From this comes other glaring problems. Regarding activities and church-related events, there's always a separation between girls and boys. I can't count how many times I've seen my home Church be divided between guys and girls, whether it be during service or in a small discussion group. Even in the most informal of events, as long as the context is within Church, there's an instant division between both genders. The absolute worst part is that leaders of the Church seem to want to encourage this; it's bewildering to me. If the leaders of youth groups constantly think that girls should talk with girls about their problems and the same with guys, it builds a never-ending trend.

The reason why Non-Christians do not work well with the idea of freedom of relationships is that they have no limit. There's truly nothing holding them back from doing what they want. In a Christian community, there should be no reason why it shouldn't work. The philosophy should be encouraged and not looked down upon. What holds the ideal back is a lack of trust. People are too intense with the "what ifs" and "remember that times." The result is a life filled without risk and reward. I don't mean to downplay the possibilities of temptation, but surely a clear two-sided community is barely, well, a community. There's too much of a fear of what could happen, and yes, it could be bad, but then what's the point of even living. So long as Church-related events continue segregating females and males, there will never be true bonding. The situation requires time and trust. The again, I have grown up most of my life in a Non-Christian lifestyle.

I guess you can call me old-fashioned.

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