My Spring Break

Summing up the premise of my spring break has been difficult. I managed to write 800 words before deciding that it didn't really describe how I felt about my week in Florida. I had encompassed my previous post with a rant of going through my entire spring break in chronological order until I realized that I hated giving summaries. Amongst the pictures of smiles, surely filled with memories of joy, I had to dissect something that I learned from my spring break. Vacation seems to bring out a sense of vulnerability within people, especially within the realms of emotion. Romantic beach walks suddenly sound all the more romantic and physical activities only more grueling but satisfying. Bringing up a different side of people, perhaps even the real side, benefits someone in one way or another; while getting drunk on the beach may not provide a whimsical epiphany to the victim, it does allow perspective for everyone else. In this vulnerability, humans grow. We learn about others, and if we cannot adequately point out one thing learned over a vacation, then perhaps it was too much of a literal vacation of the mind. I guess we claim that "breaks" rest the soul and mind, when, in reality, it may cause just as much unrest. In examining others, we tend to examine ourselves. Vacations end up being times of recollection and re-examination as much as it is an attempt to get away from the daily grind of society that determines just that.  If we aren't having our mid-life crisis yet, being in what the world suggests is a place of peace surely allows us, as humans, to properly adjust our world view on what is ideal and disparaged. I don't think we want to judge others. It's a social enigma, judging people that is,and it connotates something of the negative. When we see the nature of humans on the beach, in the midst of all the alcohol and drug abuse, its hard to comprehend the reasoning behind it. We like to show faces of approval and advocacy when, in reality, we hold grudges of judgement and condemnation. And these people are vulnerable. They're weak, putrid, and vulgar. If their lost of sensibility is any indication of how utterly weak humans are, then everyone else must realize that we're just like them. At the same time, they make perfect targets for conversation that would be otherwise deemed superfluous and a joke. For the most part, a good portion of beach goers have some sort of spiritual background and its a clear indication of America's roots, ones that bury deep within the topics of freedom. In the bleakest of viewpoints, the rebellion on the beach, amazingly even from people who claimed to be pastor's children, is very much like an abuse of rights. These deeds benefit little and harm too much. There are always  people who will stubbornly stick by to their claims that they're having fun, but, for every one of those, honesty pours out from women, and even men, who have simply had too much. It's a clear indication that humans are broken creatures. Satisfactions are too often temporal. For something as short as spring break, it must be odd for God to follow these people from the beach all the way back to their campuses. Yeah, there's always going to be the cheering from the open windows of cars, and while the most innocent of person may do it too, the nitpick difference in detail between each individual surely illustrates lives we should and shouldn't be living. And these words of mine show the supposed "righteous judgment" that stem from my presuppositions. Essentially, these are my beliefs, theories, whatever someone may call them. But I do think they're logical. If things are logical, it's only a matter of careful thinking that blocks comprehension. Everyone lives in different world views. However, if they're world views, why can we not agree on them?

For all the claims that vacations are times of rest, there's always the hopes that come with downtime. Its a rudiment idea, really, that, when we're finally out of the stress that bounds us from doing what we want to do, we just end up being intertwined with the latter. I think it's safe to assume that college students are all too entangled with schoolwork. When something like spring break comes along, it's simply easy to focus on the natural instinct of humans; in the most naturalistic way of putting this, humans are looking to mate. Okay, with considerations to euphemism, relationships become the central focus. The overflowing of reference to finding a significant other is too clear and obvious. Simply heading to the beach proves this, with men trying to prove manliness by jumping into frigid ocean waters and women wearing outfits slightly too skimpy. Furthermore, why else do people workout for the coveted "summer body?" It sure as hell isn't to impress people of the same gender, usually. Much of this comes down to finding that one girl or guy and to live that storybook vacation. Even the conference I attended had endless references to relationships, starting with a daily event called the "love seat of love," where two random people forcibly sit next to one another on a sofa while being showered with goodies, to constant shouts of "DTR," the Christian-coined term meaning "determine the relationship." Humans long for love so it's understandable that these things happen. The desire for a love story isn't bad but the expectations are, for they allow too much room for disappointment and it derails the point of a break in the first place. I guess, at least to me, all of this is a little stressful. I don't think I'm immune to any of this, unfortunately. I just wish I actually had that love story happen.

And the end result is a damn lot of relationships that happen, except, in this case, it's in the form of friendships and acquaintances.  We'll meet plenty of new people during vacation, and if they allow us a peak into their lives, we should be grateful. I think it's nice to forget about the happenings on the beach and the stress of love; focusing on the individuals we meet, and taking them outright for the people they are, similar to ourselves, builds on our characters. We can love, cry, and celebrate with one another. The oddest thing about all this is the eventual meeting of that one drunk person on the beach who asks you to dance to Gangnam Style simply because you're Asian and that one person who stands out, with the prettiest of eyes and uniqueness of personality, in the slew of hundreds of other students. It'll be awkward, rightfully so, but its a redeeming chance to carefully consider how wrong we were to judge the drunk guy and how lucky the guy or girl who's currently dating that one person is. Despite the quirkiness of the situations, a mysterious and divine force will allure us to talk to these people, and, when we do, we should try to bless them as much as they have provided an experience unique to us personally. Many of us will realize that the world does have a bit of integrity. I do hope we'll say to ourselves, eventually, that "I might be the guy completely lost on the beach one day" or "I can't wait until I find a person to call my own." It won't be this spring break, or even the next for that matter, when these things might happen, but they will one day. When it happens, let's be grateful and smile in realization that we're damn blessed to even have opportunities to go to Florida.


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